Welcome to the website for yasuyo miyake photography, thank you for visiting. 

I am Yasuyo, a north London based photographer, covering the Greater London, Essex, Hertfordshire, and some Surrey and Kent areas. I am happy to travel further afield at weekends. I specialise in baby, children and family portraits. My style is natural and candid. I am bilingual, speaking both Japanese and English and have lived in the UK for over 15 years.



I work on location with natural light. I believe natural light is the most beautiful source of lighting, which gives magical, ever-changing effects to photographs. I try to incorporate this beauty and magic in my photographs to create atmospheric and poetic images. I am child-led and strive to capture your child's unique character. 

As an enthusiastic and playful mother, I am confident that your child(ren) will feel comfortable around me and my camera. You will probably find me interacting with your baby or running with your child while I shoot. I can also be 'invisible' while you are interacting with your child. You may not even realise that I am taking photos of you while you are having fun. This helps me produce natural, intimate shots. In a nutshell, you have a great family time and I enjoy taking photos of the beautiful moments! 



I have won awards in portraiture twice in Japan: first prize in a Konica competition and runner up in a Fujifilm competition. With the first prize money, I moved to Farnham, Surrey, where I gained a BA Photography degree from the University for the Creative Arts. I worked as an intern picture researcher at the British Film Institute soon after graduation. I have worked in busy photographic studios both in Tokyo and in London. I have worked for magazines, e-commerce, newspaper and advertising. With my personal work, I have had solo and group exhibitions in Japan, the UK and Germany. 



I am never seen without a camera or two. A camera is an extension of my hand and I snap photos of my daughter and other things throughout the day. Once I was stepping out of the house with my daughter, I happened to lock us out, leaving everything but one thing inside the house. All I found in my pocket was my camera. I was in shock but relieved at the same time as I could at least take pictures! 

I also shoot on film and enjoy the process of analogue photography. I love cutting negatives, seeing what is on them, filing them and going to the darkroom to hand print. I especially love the quiet, intense time spent in the darkroom. 

All in all, I love and live with photography. I hope I can help you preserve precious, beautiful moments of your family and fun childhood memories as they pass by so fast! 


OTHER INTERESTS (I am also interested in other things.)

Other than photography, I love watching my little daughter having fun with her friends, being creative and imaginative and doing pretend play. I also enjoy zooming down on the slide with her, spotting beautiful things on the street with her and being in nature with her. I love the twilight hour, the lingering sunlight in the pastel coloured sky, the sunbeam filtering through foliage, and bird songs at dawn and dusk. My other interests are ballet, musicals, travelling, visiting galleries and museums, farmers' markets, antique and flea markets, handmade or vintage goods, and homemade food. 

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